Best Loose Powder Foundation -

Best Loose Powder Foundation

Are you on the hunt for the best loose powder foundation that will stay on your face, without leaving your skin too flaky or too oily? If you’re the kind that was ‘blessed’ with oily skin, then powder is probably something that is indispensable to you.

We need powder to fix our beauty imperfections, but here’s the glitch: there are so many types out there that we can’t possibly make a choice! It’s so easy to get confused that it’s not even funny! Fortunately, articles like this one were written to help you out.

Loose Powder Foundation and Why We Need It

We want to glow, not to shine. There’s a difference between a radiant glow and an oily shine, which is why powder is a great choice: it acts as a mattifier.

The powder is usually used as a combo with your liquid or mousse foundation, to help it settle, but some powders will work well as a powder foundation on their own for those of you who don’t want to use liquids.

If you choose the right powder, you can even reduce the aspect of pores and fine lines.

Loose vs. Pressed Powder Differences

One thing that you should remember is that loose powder is pressed powder’s sister – not a twin. Let’s see the differences:

  • Loose Powder. Comes in jars and has a finer consistency (because of the smaller particles). It’s more texture-efficient than pressed powder, but one sneeze in that container and you’ll have a powdery mess around – which is why you should use it with maximum care.
  • Pressed PowderIt’s pressed into a compact form and it has a semi-solid consistency. They use more ingredients to keep it solid, which is why loose powder is the more ‘skin-friendly’ sister. Applying too much of this kind of product may leave a cakey appearance, but it’s perfect for quick touch-ups.

Many marketing companies use both terms as if they were twins, but when it comes to your face, each sister is different in its own way. The best loose powder foundation is designed to be less harsh on your face.

Best Picks by Our Editorial Team

Lagure Minerals Loose Powder

COVERGIRL Professional Loose Finishing Powder

Maybelline Shine Free Oil-Control Loose Powder

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Lightweight Loose Powder

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder

1. Lagure Minerals Loose Powder

If you want a nice touch on your imperfections before going out, Lagure Minerals is the safest choice out of all of the powders.

Oil doesn’t stand a chance against this powder foundation and it will also help even out your skin tone once you apply. Goodbye, small imperfections, and hello flawless!

This powder alone can provide better coverage than most light coverage liquid foundations. Just a few swirls using the applicator on the inside and then maybe some smoothing with a kabuki brush. After that, you’ll be good to go!

After using this powder, your skin will look smooth, yet matte. At the same time, it will be natural, and not cakey. It is indeed a powder that is worth twice its actual price.


  • Decent coverage
  • Easy blending
  • Smooth and matte finish
  • Helps control oily skin
  • Natural look
  • Does not get cakey


  • Only 2 shades
  • Color is a bit flat

2. COVERGIRL Professional Loose Finishing Powder

When looking at the product description, you will see that this powder is advertised to leave your skin silky smooth and keep your foundation exactly where it should be. It will provide a beautiful and translucent finish that will rival that of a pro product.

When it comes to facts, this powder indeed keeps the oil at bay. It stays on your face for about 6-8 hours, and it usually doesn’t need reapplications (unless you live in a very hot and humid area).

The quantity of the powder is satisfying, and it will definitely pass some time until you have to get a new one.

One dab will be enough to control that stubborn oil that continuously wants to pop out and say “Hi.”


  • Translucent finish
  • Good for oily skin
  • Lasts for 8 hours
  • Good value for the price
  • Easy to blend


  • Only 4 shades
  • Contains some harsh ingredients

3. Maybelline Shine Free Oil-Control Loose Powder

Being a 100% oil-free loose powder that prevents shine and offers a matte finish, this product has been the favorite of many makeup lovers for a long time. That’s because a single application will leave your face looking almost matte, with a light to medium coverage.

If you only have minor blemishes, this is the only foundation you will need. Depending on your skin’s pH, it will stay on your face for at least 5 hours. The only drawback is the pull-type lid, which is less secure than a screw type one (makes it riskier to carry around).

When it comes to the “best loose powder foundation” category, these are only some of the popular choices, but considering that we all have different skin types, you can only see their worth by trying them yourself.


  • Oil-free
  • Prevents shine
  • Suitable for light to medium coverage
  • Lasts for up to 4 hours
  • Good for sensitive skin


  • The container makes it easy to spill the product

4. Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Lightweight Loose Powder Makeup Foundation

If you have fair-colored skin, this could be an excellent option to look into. There are seven shades from which to choose, all for fair skin.

This is a super-lightweight powder makeup that you will barely be able to see or feel on your face. A good thing here is that this foundation won’t crack or crease as you wear it all day.

Moreover, due to its consistency, it blends easily with most skin tones, and it is easy to achieve decent coverage. If you need medium coverage to hide some imperfections and redness, then this is an ideal choice. The sheer to medium buildable coverage it provides should be suitable for most.

Whether you have dry or oily skin, Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Lightweight Loose Powder Makeup Foundation should work well for you, and it should also be fine for sensitive skin. In addition, the various vitamins help keep your skin healthy.


  • Easy blending
  • Ideal for most skin types
  • Works well for sensitive skin
  • Good coverage
  • Loaded with beneficial vitamins


  • No dark shades
  • Not ideal for skin with excessive wrinkles

5. Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder

What’s interesting about this product is that it actually contains real gold for its color, which provides you with a very luminous look. Although this is a foundation, technically speaking, its primary purpose is to benefit your skin’s health.

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder is loaded with more or less every vitamin, mineral, and amino acid your skin could possibly need for its best health. Moreover, if your skin needs a lot of hydration, this is an ideal product to choose.

This is a very lightweight loose powder foundation that you will barely be able to see or feel. It provides for a smooth and natural-looking finish, as well as much brighter and more radiant skin.


  • Ideal for dry skin
  • Spreads easily
  • Great for hydration
  • Great for overall skin health
  • Made with real gold


  • Contains some harsh ingredients
  • Minimal coverage