Best Full Coverage Foundation for Oily Skin

Best Full Coverage Foundation for Oily Skin

If you’re prone to oily skin, then you know how difficult it can be to find the right foundation. More often than not, the pigments settle into fine lines and cake over your blemishes. The foundation you’ve applied to cover your imperfections makes everything look worse than it actually is.

Can you enjoy full coverage without looking like you’re wearing a fake mask on your face? More importantly, can you get a matte finish without irritating the skin?

That’s what we’ve asked ourselves when we began looking for the best full coverage foundation for oily skin.

Read on to learn more!

Top 5 Picks

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Makeup

Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation

COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation

Neutrogena SkinClearing Liquid Foundation

Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup

Look for This When Shopping Foundation for Oily Skin

Before we head to our list of the highest rated products, here’s what to pay attention to when looking for a foundation that covers up blemishes and the shine.

  • Ensure It Offers Full Coverage. The level of coverage provided by a foundation for your oily skin should be between medium to full coverage. The latter will ensure that the product will stay on for longer periods without needing constant touch ups.

Regular foundations will look great at first, but you’ll quickly discover that due to excess sebum, the product you’ve carefully applied has disappeared almost entirely after a couple of hours. Look for foundations that guarantee between 8 to 12 hours of coverage.

  • Consider the Desired Finish. If you’re going for a natural finish, then choose a liquid foundation. It will spread smoothly, making it extremely simple to obtain a clear finish. You can apply it with a sponge or your fingers, and it only takes a couple of minutes. If you opt for a matte or semi-matte, then a powder foundation will suit your needs best.

How Do I Buy the Perfect Full Coverage Foundation?

Take these following tips into consideration when choosing which one to buy!

  • Pick the Right Color for Your Skin Tone. Don’t make the mistake of believing that a darker tone will provide a better cover up. It won’t. It will just look fake and accentuate your imperfections.

Make sure to choose the closest color to your natural skin tone. If your skin is fair, go for a foundation that has pink undertones. That way, you’ll add color and improve your looks. If you’re dealing with redness, go for yellow undertones to balance out the redness.

  • Look for Long-Lasting Products. Imagine that you’ve spent the entire morning painstakingly applying your foundation only to discover a few hours later that your foundation has evaporated entirely.

Not only a long-lasting product will make you feel confident throughout the day, but it will also prevent you from adding layer after layer to mask your oily skin. That can only lead to a cakey aspect and future breakouts.

  • UVA and UVB Protection Is a Plus. Not all foundations are alike, so why not go for a product that not only offers a full coverage but also protection against sun rays?

Consider that instead of applying your sunscreen and then your foundation, you could just put on your makeup and leave the house. Not to mention, the foundation will last longer if you apply it directly on the skin.

Best Full Coverage Foundation for Oily Skin Reviews

Revlon Colorstay Makeup Cappuccino

Revlon Colorstay Makeup is the overall highest rated full-coverage foundation for oily skin.

One of the things you’ll love about this foundation is that it will last the entire day without you having to go to the bathroom every couple of hours for retouches. Revlon used a patented formula to ensure this foundation is long-lasting, provides perfect coverage, and is transfer resistant. As a result, your oily complexion will be under control throughout the entire day.

In addition to being fragrance-free, Revlon Colorstay Makeup is also oil-free, a plus considering that you’re struggling to keep shine at bay from your T-zone.

It comes in 20 color tones, so you’ll have no problems finding the exact shade that will suit your skin tone perfectly.

Lightweight, oil-free, and long-lasting, Revlon Colorstay Makeup is the best full coverage foundation for oily skin.


  • Helps control excess oil
  • Lasts all-day
  • Great coverage
  • Transfer resistant
  • Fragrance-free
  • Oil-free
  • Comes in 20 colors


  • Contains some harsh chemicals

Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Plus 

If you have oily skin, then you know how hard it can be to cover your enlarged pores without getting a cakey aspect. That’s where Maybelline Fit Me comes into play.

Their texture-fitting foundation will minimize your pores, mattify your skin, and help you achieve a flawless, natural look. Maybelline’s formula goes beyond just matching your skin tone and focuses on fitting the unique texture of oily complexions.

While most foundations tend to exaggerate pores, Maybelline Fit Me contains micro-powders that absorb sebum, hide imperfections, and give you a matte finish.

Ultralight, innovative, and texture-fitting, Maybelline Fit Me is a great pick if you’re looking for a foundation that can provide full coverage without exacerbating your oily complexion.


  • Controls shine
  • Controls excess oil
  • Minimizes pores and wrinkles
  • Flawless coverage
  • Very lightweight
  • Texture fitting
  • Many shades


  • Not ideal for dry skin
  • Contains some harsh chemicals

COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day Stay Fabulous 3-in-1

One of the things people with oily complexions struggle with when applying foundation is getting a natural look. COVERGIRL can ensure just that!

This liquid foundation promises a shine-free skin that lasts all day. To make things even better, it also comes with SPF protection.

It’s a lightweight foundation that covers perfectly any blemishes, pores or spots without giving you a heavy feel. You can now rely on your foundation to give you a flawless coverage and sunscreen protection.

There are 13 shades available so, regardless of your skin tone, you are sure to find a matching color.

Overall, COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day is an excellent full-coverage foundation for people with oily skin.


  • Mattifies skin
  • Controls excess oil
  • SPF protection
  • Lightweight
  • Covers pores and blemishes
  • Many shades


  • Not for dry skin
  • Not for sensitive skin

Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-Free Acne and Blemish Fighting Liquid Foundation

This foundation is designed for oily and acne-prone skin. Its ingredients are designed to help control excessive oil on your skin so you don’t break out. On that same note, it also helps control shine.

In fact, this foundation is made with a bit of salicylic acid, which is an acne medicine. Therefore this is not only a foundation but an actual acne treatment solution as well. This foundation also stands because it comes in about a dozen shades, although they are all designed for light skin.

You may also like this product because it is easy to blend with other products, and it will provide a natural and lightweight finish that makes it look like you aren’t wearing makeup. It also helps your skin breathe.


  • Ideal for light skin
  • Ideal for oily skin
  • Controls acne breakouts
  • Very natural finish
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Contains salicylic acid


  • Only comes in light tones

Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup

This is another fantastic foundation designed to limit and control acne outbreaks. It contains a variety of ingredients designed for this purpose. Moreover, you might appreciate how this product is paraben-free.

However, this product is designed for medium skin tones. There are various shades for medium skin tones, but not for light or dark skin tones.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a foundation to help control oil and shininess, this is an excellent option. However, it is best used for people with combination skin; it is not ideal for extremely oily or dry skin. However, we appreciate how this product helps hydrate your skin to control acne outbreaks.


  • Hydrating
  • Ideal for combination skin
  • Helps control acne
  • Smooth
  • Lightweight and won’t cake
  • Suitable for medium skin tones


  • No dark or light tones
  • Not ideal for excessively dry or oily skin