Best Drugstore Foundation

If you want to buy a good foundation but don’t want to spend hundreds on professional cosmetic kits, then this article will show you some great affordable products that won’t break the bank.

It’s not that easy to pick the best drugstore foundation when you have them all lined up, which is why it’s always recommended to have some prior knowledge of the product: what kind of coverage it offers, whether it’s for dry or oily skin, etc.

Fortunately, we have prepared a guide for you to help you choose your foundation based on the opinions of fellow makeup lovers like you.

Tips to Consider Before Buying

Shades are different with each foundation, which is why you should never assume that a tone of one brand will match the tone of another one. Before you purchase a new foundation, it’s crucial that you test if for the right shade first.

Since it would be awkward to apply all kinds of foundations on your face right in the store (not to mention that it would ruin your current makeup), you ought to test the foundation on the back your hand. Just squeeze out a tiny drop and see if it matches your color.

Don’t purchase foundations that are “just a shade darker/lighter.” The lines will become visible, and it will be noticeable that your face and neck are weirdly discolored compared to the rest of your body.

Test the shade in a well-lit place as well. When it’s darker, you won’t notice whether the shade you chose is right or not. You’ll see that when you step into daylight, and it may be too late.

Top 10 Drugstore Foundations Table

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Maybelline New York Fit MeLiquid$4.4
2. Maybelline New York Dream Matte MousseMousse$4.4
3. Rimmel Stay Matte FoundationLiquid Mousse$4.4
4. Maybelline New York Instant Age RewindLiquid$$4.4
5. L'Oreal Paris True MatchLiquid$$4.3
6. Maybelline New York Dream LiquidLiquid$$4.3
7. COVERGIRL Outlast Stay FabulousLiquid$$4.3
8. L'Oreal Paris Visible LiftLiquid$$$4.3
9. L'Oreal Paris Cosmetics InfallibleLiquid$$4.2
10. bareMinerals ORIGINALPowder$$$$3.9

How to Buy the Best Foundation

Shades are not the only thing we need to consider. Each person has a different skin type and wears foundation for various reasons. What’s most important to remember is that one size doesn’t fit all.

It’s crucial that the foundation you choose will balance the skin’s need. For example, if you have dry skin, you won’t be complemented in any way with a matte foundation – you will need something hydrating.

Coverage is also important. If you want to cover redness or breakouts, you will need a foundation that has a high coverage level. The lighter ones will only make you consume more product than you need to, and thus, they will run out faster.

Types of Foundation

As mentioned, for every skin type, there is a different foundation. So how do you choose? Well, once you know your skin type, it should be easy to pick the best drugstore foundation.

  • Liquid Foundations. These kinds of foundations come in bottles or tubes and have a liquid texture. Depending on their thickness and purpose, they can go from light to full coverage and they are easily applied on your whole face and neck with your fingers or a brush. These foundations also come in several categories:
    • Tinted Moisturizer. This kind of foundation only offers a light coverage, because it is basically one part cream and one part foundation. Therefore, this works best if the individual using it does not have any major blemishes and only wants to get a touch-up effect.
    • Moisturizing Liquid Foundation. These foundations generally offer light to medium coverage, allowing for a natural look. They are best recommended for people with dry skin who want to get some hydration without that greasy feeling. These kinds of foundations do not mix well with oily skin types.
    • Matte Liquid Foundation. Recommended for persons who have normal to oily skin, that sort of foundation helps keep the excess oil at bay to prevent any shine (at least for a couple of hours). It’s generally the best choice if your skin is prone to blemishes because it provides the best coverage.
  • Mousse Foundation. Also known as “whipped” foundation, this kind of product has air whipped into it. It has a creamy texture that feels light and smooth, and it tends to look matte once it has properly settled on the face. The fact that it spreads smoothly also prevents the foundation from caking up.
  • Stick Foundation. These kinds of foundations are portable and easy to use if you notice any ‘surprise blemishes’ on the road. They provide full coverage, but unlike liquid or mousse foundations, they are used mainly on those ‘problem areas’ that you need to cover on the spot.
  • Powder Foundation. This kind of foundation is compact and easy to use on-the-go. Women prone to oily skin can use it when they notice their face oiling up – since it sucks up the oil – which is why it is not recommended if you have dry skin. It is generally used together with liquid foundation.

Top 5 Best Drugstore Foundation Reviews

1. Fit Me

The product description says that this foundation provides a flawless, fresh, natural-looking skin that can breathe throughout the day. It’s a product that is designed to “fit” any skin type, regardless if it’s oily or dry.

What makes this foundation unique among others is that they made it friendly for women of color as well. If you have dark skin, it’s very difficult to find a foundation that does not make you look like a ghost – which is why you may quit searching for foundation altogether.

However, Fit Me! uses 5D Pigment Technology that will balance automatically with your skin’s original tones and highlights. Providing light to medium coverage, this will make you look like a real diva all day long.

When put to the test, the foundation works for all types of skins. Since it is oil-free, it makes the skin look matte for an extended period and does not clog the pores. The gel-like formula is breathable, which is why you don’t really notice that you are wearing any foundation.

This formula works well on dry to normal skin as well. It offers a nice, dewy look that will make you shine – but not in a bad way!

The SPF is also strong enough to protect your skin during hot days, making it perfect for daylight use.

It can be applied with your fingers, but it’s best if you combine it with a brush.

2. Dream Matte

This type of foundation is not like your usual tube or bottled foundation – mostly because it is not liquid. On the first appearance, it will look nothing short of a face cream. However, when applied, the air-whipped foundation will spread smoothly on your face, providing you with 100% coverage of blemishes.

Another great aspect about this foundation is that it offers a matte look – something that people with oily skin are desperately looking for.

It’s fragrance-free and won’t clog the pores, making it perfect for people with sensitive skins.

The fact that it comes in a tiny glass jar makes it travel-friendly. If you are constantly on the go and don’t have much space in your luggage, then this is the right foundation for you. Due to its mousse-powdery texture, it won’t start spilling in your bags.

Putting it through the test, this foundation is as matte as the product description says. It will feel a bit spongy to the touch, and you won’t risk spilling it on your clothes because it’s “too liquid.”

This foundation was easy to blend and provide you with an “airbrushed” look. The coverage of this product is light to medium, and it can help cover minor blemishes.

Overall, while this foundation is good for dry to normal skin, it’s great for people who have oily skin, since it can keep the shine and oil at bay.

3. Stay Matte

You may notice how difficult it is to come across a good matte drugstore foundation that provides decent coverage. This is exactly why Stay Matte is such a wonderful foundation for oily to combination skin types.

This foundation is fragrance-free, making it unnoticeable to the wearer or the people around them. This product also stays true to its name, because it “stays matte” for most of the day.

If you have the type of skin that is dry on the cheeks but very oily on your forehead, nose, and chin, then this foundation will work for you as well.

You can choose from 8 shades, from light to medium skin tones, each of them having neutral colors.

Considering that Stay Matte provides a matte finish, it will dry pretty fast. Therefore, it may take a few applications until you get used to it – but you will end up loving this formula.

It has a unique texture, not completely liquid and not entirely mousse either, which makes it perfect for experimenting with brushes or sponges.

4. Instant Age Rewind

If you are already past your age of youth, you probably already noticed how difficult it is to find a foundation that will cover but won’t make your face look cakey. The chances are that the moment you heard about Instant Age Rewind, you started doing a happy dance.

Most of the time, when you are on the look for foundations, you come across various liquid or mousse applicators that you will most likely have to handle with your fingers. This is not the case with this particular foundation.

This product is accompanied by a plush sponge which is made out of millions of antimicrobial microfibers. The first application may take a few clicks, but once the flow starts going, decent amounts will come out.

Thanks to this type of application, you will never need a sponge, brush or fingers to even the formula. It allows users to apply it without having to do twice the work. The result will be flawless skin without incidents or lost time!

As for the formula, not only does this foundation have an SPF of 18, but it’s also packed with antioxidant Goji berries that fight against premature aging.

The coverage is decent, and it will enter your pores in a way that will definitely provide you with a smooth look.

Instant Age Rewind was created to make your skin look brighter, healthier and more youthful looking.

5. True Match

True Match from L’Oreal is one of the best foundation choices if you have normal to oily skin. The fluidity of the formula allows it to blend beautifully, offering a “true match” for your skin (if you choose the right color).

This foundation will not feel heavy on your skin since it provides light to medium coverage. It will cover any minor blemishes that you have, settling your skin into a matte look, with a slightly powdery finish.

If you have any patches of dry skin, it is recommended that you use a lot of moisturizing cream before applying this foundation, since it tends to emphasize those areas. However, if you have skin that is prone to breakouts, then this is a good foundation for you.

As you can see, the best drugstore foundation usually depends on the type of skin that you have. If you are prone to acne and oily skin, you will need a matte foundation. If your skin tends to dry a lot, you need something with a bit more moisture. Regardless of what you need, this article features a product for.